Tuesday 7 January 2014

Making HO scale scenery from internet images

Added a little orange canopy to the entrance of my little jazz club.

Googled, "Paris jazz club", and found this image:

Using  simple "Paint" software, amended the image to this:

Printed it onto an A4 sheet of paper:

And then cut it out, folded it and stuck it into position:

Might apply this technique to other elements of scenery eg shop windows, shop signs.

Currently listening to:

Little Dragon Went to Africa.

Last night's dinner:

Usually when flouring a piece of fish or similar, I shake the contents in a bowl of flour covered with a plate and some of the flour escapes and goes everywhere.

Was about to follow the same procedure when flouring some sections of ox-tail when it occurred to me I could just put the flour into the paper bag that the ox tail was packaged in and close the neck of the bag and shake without the aforementioned escape.

A great success.

Ox tail Bourguignonne

Still hugely enjoying:


Bongo (and maracas) lessons resumed. Also hugely enjoyable.

My tutor spent 6 months in Ghana in 2012 studying African drumming techniques.

Ashamed to say, I'd no idea where in Africa Ghana is.

Population 25 million

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