Tuesday, 28 January 2014

HO scale cast iron tables and chairs

The laser cut HO scale tables and chairs for the cafe arrived.

The proposed location of the cafe.
I'm not sure I have either the dexterity or the patience (or the eye sight) to assemble these microscopic pieces of furniture, And, I've never seen a photo on the internet or anywhere else of them in other than their flat-pack form.

Was listening to earlier today:

David Sumner

I haven't heard this 12" vinyl record for almost 10 years because I don't have a turntable rigged up anymore. So, I took it with me to the bongos lesson today: my tutor is also a DJ and has a pair of top notch "decks" and great speakers and a huge room in which to listen to it.

It was every bit as a great as I remembered it being. It is not available on any format other than vinyl and my attempt to convert it to MP3 format several years ago was unsuccessful.

Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take photograph, but it was sausages and onions. And they did look like this but without the peas.

Currently Reading:

Switching between:

And gave this book another chance - actually, it is a bit more serious than I had given it credit for the other day.


Samba drumming class tonight - it was very fulfilling last week.

Some of the intermediate class members

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