Wednesday 8 January 2014

Hotel de Paris, .......................... Cromer

Pleased with yesterday's HO scale paper canopy based on an image downloaded from the internet, I tried the same procedure today to create a Hotel sign.

Googled, "Paris Hotels 1950s", but no clear images of a sign came up. Then I remembered that there is a huge rambling sea front hotel in Cromer, Norfolk, called, "Hotel de Paris" and that its sign is very Parisian looking. And, a clear image was available on the internet and downloadable.

The hotel overlooking the pier at Cromer.

The side entrance.

The sign enlarged.
As yesterday, printed out the image onto an A4 sheet of paper but this time took the additional step of mounting the slip of paper on thick card.

Printed onto A4 sheet of paper
Cut out and mounted on card.

In position with blu tac
Might paint that upright of white ducting.
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Last night's dinner:

Crow Road, Glasgow
An excellent pre-theatre dinner.

Chicken liver pate

Chicken and a few other items
As well as being excellent and reasonably priced, the advantage of this and most restaurant meals is that one is presented with smaller portions than when one cooks at home.

I've been aware of this lesson for years but have never learnt it. Result, I eat far too much and quite unnecessarily. In a restaurant, one accepts the smaller amounts and spins them out. I must transfer that attitude to eating at home.

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Last night on television's "The Chase", there was a question about Nick Haslam, but nobody had ever heard of him.


Went for a spin on the Peugeot this afternoon - along the side of the Clyde into town and back.

The Clyde was looking magnificent.

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