Friday 10 January 2014

HO scale street lighting - pre-fabricated wiring

I want to place a pair of lampposts outside the entrance of the Hotel de Paris.

The lampposts plus their resistor
The entrance to the hotel.
But, because the lights have to be wired up as a pair plus the resistor, it means that the bulk of the wiring and soldering has to be done underneath the baseboard which I find hellishly inconvenient to carry out.

So, I have spent several days thinking of a method by which I can wire up the lights and install them on some kind of plinth which I would then pass up from under the baseboard through a couple of drilled holes. The plinth would be flush with the underside of the baseboard and stuck in position with glue of some sort.

The blue plinth would be made from a stiff rectangle of cuttable and drillable plastic sheet. What looks like a couple of wine corks at the base of the lampposts would be cylinders of the same diameter and depth as the two holes in the baseboard so filling them in.

Hopefully, the plinth plus lampposts can be manufactured and wired beforehand and then inserted up through the two holes resulting in the posts standing up outside the hotel entrance.

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Roni Size won the Mercury Prize in 1997 with this album. I still find it exciting to listen to.

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Spouse made fried chicken in soy sauce

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Cycled down to the Oxfam shop and purchased a DVD of the American comedian Richard Pryor for £2.99.

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