Saturday 18 January 2014

HO scale canopies installed.

Using super glue, stuck two canopies into position.

Reminder of the recycled origins of the two canopies:

Plastic bottle top

Cut in half
And then stuck them to the wall.

I still intend to produce some episodes of this blog each devoted to a single infra-structural topic, but don't have any time today to do it.

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Actually, he's quite a sensible looking 43 year old who lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Last night's dinner:

Haggis and turnip
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This magazine never disappoints me.

Yesterday, I came across this advice on the Bongomania website:

There are two facets to improving your bongo playing: listening to rhythms and music until the rhythms are embedded inside you, and doing repetitive hand exercises to give your hands the speed they need to let those rhythms out.

The more you play, the better you play. Bongos are a soloing instrument, and solos are constructed of all of the rhythmic pieces you have absorbed into your unconscious. If you have trained your hands along with your ears, the music will spring out before you have had a chance to think about it.

I fully agree with this advice - but am I right to do so? I've certainly been following it for the last several months.

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