Tuesday 8 July 2014

Another early morning soaking.

Last night's dinner:

Ris d'agneau
This was a fantastic ready made meal from a local traiteur. Basically, it's the the pancreas of the lamb. Very gentle to eat and digest.

Drumming practice update:

Somewhat morosely, I got my stuff ready for my early morning drumming session down at the beach. All this time and effort, and I'm not sure there is any evidence of improvement.

Looks like rain.

The steps.

The diagonal  trek from the end of the steps to the beach
 At least, I've learned one lesson, I inverted my bag before tying it to this pole so that the rain wouldn't fill it.

Looks like a standard lamp.
The rain is still to come.

The very necessary brace.
When the rain came, it was so heavy and prolonged that taking photographs was impossible - the phone would have been ruined. There was nothing for it but to put up my hood and drum through it until the hour was up. Let's hope that the drum won't warp as result of the water.

Currently reading:

Three books on my Kindle.

Firstly, I've downloaded the readings for Daily Mass so that I don't miss out on that inspiration by not being able to attend Mass.

Sartre's Transcendence of the Ego
Stories from the inside of the Beatles' early days.
Currently listening to:

I think one of the reasons my drumming is not progressing is that by drumming alone without the input of a metronome or other musicians or even some kind of accompanying music from earphones, I can't generate a "groove" for myself and so the end result sounds plodding/uniform/characterless/unaccented.

If the weather is fine tomorrow morning (last morning at this camp site before moving south) I'll take earphones and plug them into my Blackberry and drum along to Dabrye.


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