Tuesday 29 July 2014

Lego to the rescue.

I've already used lego successfully on this layout when I added a black pitched roof to a ceramic building.

Now I want to use the stuff to  build the back of the ceramic theatre and to add one more building to that "part of town."

In an earlier episode of this blog I posted some photos of Parisian buildings that had been made out of lego; including a boxed set by Lego, although its scale is too big.

Here are the photos. Lego definitely has possibilities.

Step one: find the lego and clear (yet) another table for a work space.

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The Happy Mondays
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Fish and veg stew.
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Most enjoyable.
Drumming practice update:

First session with my drum tutor for over 6 weeks. Was kind of hoping that he would notice and then comment upon an improvement in my playing after 6 weeks of daily practice. But he didn't.

Was a bit disappointed.

Later this evening my first Samba session at the Tuesday night club for over 6 weeks.

Not holding my breath for any complimentary comments there either.

Thank goodness I read all those autobiographies by musicians who went through similar experiences of failure and of being ignored but came out the other side.

There wasn't a "disappointed" facial expression on the old Fry's 5 Boys chocolate bars.

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