Saturday 19 July 2014

Losing my mojo a little bit.

I've been desperately busy today catching up with the effects of taking 4 weeks holiday in France. Nevertheless, I wonder if I'm not perhaps losing some of my enthusiasm for this model railway. Either way, I haven't done anything on it today.

Perhaps I should read this book
Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take photograph, but it was a take away chicken curry from this Glasgow establishment.

Drumming practice update:

In order to play this jungle snare drum with sticks (as opposed to brushes) in the house, I've filled its insides with bubble wrap which does deaden the sound somewhat - not as much as I'd hoped for though; or is necessary for residential playing.

Viewed from the underside.
Currently reading:

Still engrossed by this book.

Currently listening to:

So persuasively did Shaun Ryder write about the recording of the Happy Monday's album, "Bummed" that I previewed it on iTunes.

Very disappointing.

This experience reminded me of when I read Bob Dylan's memoir "Chronicles" where he writes inspiringly about the middle period albums of his recording career and then I explored them and found them to be very dull fayre indeed.

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