Thursday 24 July 2014

Opening Ceremony

Last night's dinner:

Nothing, because of leaving early by public transport for the Opening Ceremony of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games at Celtic Park in the east end of Glasgow.

Opening Ceremony:

The first thing to say is that my sister and brother-in-law treated us to seats at this ceremony - £250 each. So the view was great and the stadium incredibly impressive - frighteningly steep, which obviously enhances the view.

Some photos:

Approaching the stadium on a hot summer evening.

John Barrowman, a singer, on top of a typical shipyard crane symbolising Glasgow's mighty industrial past.

The clearance of the stadium was an event in itself.

The Red Arrows fly past.

The Queen arrives.

The Scottish team enters the stadium.

Mobile phones being held aloft.

The Queen.

Typical view from our seats.
Never thought I'd use the Gents at Celtic Park.
Queueing for the shuttle buses afterwards
The queue for the buses passed this walled cemetery

Back-lit by the lights from the stadium.

Home by 1.15am.

Verdict: a great evening where everyone was cheerful and positive.

Currently listening to:

Since Shaun Ryder rates this first Black Grape album above all else he recorded, listened to it on iTunes Preview.

Black Grape
Currently reading:

Still really enjoying this book.
He recorded this record with Russell Watson.
Drumming practice update:

No photographs, but went back to the unused upper floors above the pub in Glasgow where the Samba drums are kept and practised on a Caixa for the first time in 6 weeks.

They're awkward to play because they dangle from a belt at waist height. Went OK.


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