Friday 11 July 2014

Under the board walk.

Last night's dinner:

Osso Buco plus cous cous from local butcher.
Drumming practice update:

Fed up trudging to beaches, so did something radically different for my drumming practice location this morning: I cycled to the Pelotte court in the centre of town and hid under the concrete spectator terracing.

Hid under the terracing on left hand side of the court.
This all happened at five past 7 this morning and the setting up of the nearby market was well underway. But, surely nobody would see or hear me under the terracing.

The great advantages over the beach were that there was a hard base for the stool and no dog walkers.

The view straight ahead and the market being set up.

Under the board walk.
Just as I had planted my backside on the stool and congratulated myself on finding this perfectly discrete location, I heard deep male voices and the bounce, bounce of a football.

"I don't believe it."

Two louts from the market taking a break between setting up stalls had come onto the court for a game of football.

The possibilities were endless for what would transpire.

They saw me, continued with their game and I started my drumming routines. Nothing happened.


Still technically unproficient with left hand; but playing along to music on my earphones, I think, improved my rhythm and made the experience almost enjoyable.

Currently reading:

By Kenny Everett's wife.
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Cycle run from Vieux Boucau to Soustons:

A Bismark spotted at the cycle hire shop.

Straight and flat and wind-less.

Church at Soustons.

Spotted in Soustons

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