Saturday 12 July 2014

Throwing mastic and throwing drumsticks

Last night's dinner:

Rillette salad

Duck and chips

We were serenaded during our meal by these folk.

Then to local church for an hour of Basque choral music - not sure I like Basque melodies and harmonies. The conductress was Polish.
Then, back up the street where we ran into our wind ensemble, now in another part of town. They were really hotting up. I'm not at all keen on wind instruments, but these folk were different - a real vibe to them.

Naturally, my attention was drawn to the drummer. What I was examining was his overall body posture and body movement. Every person I've heard speaking about drumming has emphasized the advantage of the whole body moving and not just the forearms and wrists. Or in my case, sometimes, just wrists. They claim that if the whole body is taking part in the rhythm then the rhythm has a better foundation and is more fulsome. And, yes, that is what this drummer's body was doing.

Drumming practice update:

So, this morning, in the seclusion of the apartment, I put on my earphones and let my whole body move while I practised on my drumpad. Very pleased with the result - much more uninhibited.

The early morning view.
It reminded me of an experience 30 years ago filling the gaps between window frames and bricks with mastic. At first, I carefully pressed the mastic into the gaps and the stuff promptly dropped out onto the ground below. In frustration I chucked the stuff at the gap and lo and behold, it immediately stuck. That was the secret, relax and swing the trowel so that the mastic arched gracefully through the air and into the gap.

Most of it is still there after 30 years.

Same with wielding drum sticks.

Laundrette update:

This chap takes the pleasure out of going to the launderette. You hand the bag of clothes to him and then collect it dried and folded two hours later.

Have to stop writing blog now and collect said washing and then drive to Messanges for evening Mass.

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