Wednesday 30 July 2014

Yellow Lego

I like this lego construction of a Parisian landmark - Le Bon Marche.

Surprisingly, the use of yellow lego bricks has worked.

I'll take a vertical slice of this building and build it next to the theatre.

Those non-yellow bricks will be hidden - they're just there to reinforce the yellow base.

Managed to find these yellow bricks.
Construction will start tomorrow.

Last night's dinner:

Asparagus and fried eggs
Currently listening to:

A friend of mine put me onto this rendition of Scriabin - available on youTube

I was keen to compare the old school Richter with the Young Turks in my collection: Sudbin and Mustonen

Currently reading:

Drumming practice update:

Last night's drumming session at the Samba class was enjoyable if unremarkable.

Spent my usual 30 minutes on the Jungle snare this morning.


Went into town by a circuitous route to have lunch with my sister and brother-in-law - very enjoyable too.

Walked passed this high rise block.
And this filthy flock of pigeons
On my way to see this sculpture exhibition in a railway arch on the south side of Glasgow
Then passed these street drummers - dynamic to look at but boring to listen to.
Where my father used to work - soon to be demolished, I suspect

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