Thursday 3 July 2014

Drumming over the Atlantic.

Last night's dinner:

Stopped at a market yesterday on the way from Andernos-Les-Bains to our new camp site here at Pyla; and bought provisions for last night's dinner.

Forgot to take photograph until these two pieces of rabbit were stripped to the bone.
The sun going down after dinner:


Prior to dinner, the chap arrived to saw off the offending branch whose removal would so enhance our view of the sea.

Before the chap.

The chap.

After the chap.
Drumming practice update:

This morning I had the most spectacular drumming perch yet. 2 or 3 minute walk away but firm under foot, nobody about and no possibility of disturbing camp site.

Passed the top of these steps down to the beach and found a more secluded position.

Set up the drum.

View straight ahead.

View to the right.
A few insects flying about including a very long bee with a black and yellow striped coat - a hornet?

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