Tuesday 15 July 2014

Bastille Day Report.

Last night's dinner:

Roast chicken, potatoes and green beans
Bastille Day:

There were lots of events on in Vieux Boucau last night to mark Bastille Day.

The crowds gathering for a DJ set.

But as we made our way through the crowds to the centre of the town, we came across one of those French street balls that I favour so much. To take part, you need know nothing about dancing; everyone does their own thing.

A fairly average but effective traditional French dance combo.

And yes, we danced as well. One of our better performances, I felt.

Then, as midnight approached, the fireworks began.

And finally, back to our apartments where the DJ set was in full swing.

The DJ.

Final look at the crowds.
Drumming practice update:

Back to the perch I discovered yesterday for early morning practice on the drum pad.

The view from the cafe concourse.

Cycle paths:

Then we all cycled to Moliets along the ex-railway line that's now a great cycle path - 14 miles there and back.

Currently reading:

Massively enjoying this book.
Currently listening to:

Beatles For Sale.

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