Monday 7 July 2014

The Tin Man

Last night's dinner:

Sole for spouse, Maigre pour moi.

Maigre, green beans and rice.

Washed down with this year's tipple, Rose.

View from dinner table last night.
Drumming practice update:

After yesterday's abject failure to face up to the 191 steps and the dunes, I manned up this morning and despite the black skies took my drum equipment to the beach once more.

The 191 steps

Skies beginning to darken.

The set up.

Drummed through 25 minutes of torrential rain - there was no hiding place and it would have taken me ages to climb back up, so I just stayed and hoped it would pass over, which it did.

Afterwards, the trek up the side of the dune.

To the foot of the 191 steps.

Just as well I had strapped on my brace.

My bag of equipment.

Reminder of the gradient.
During dinner last night we listened to a recent episode of Desert Island Disc on BBC iPlayer. The guest was the retired research scientist, Sir Michael Marmot, who at the age of 69 is taking up the viola. Naturally, I find these examples of elderly people embarking upon the learning of a musical instrument, very encouraging.

But actually, it's a poisoned chalice, because really, I shouldn't care whether someone of my age should be taking up the drums.

Sir Michael Marmot

Coincidentally, Marmot's son plays in a West African drumming band, and he chose one of his son's records to take with him to the desert island.

Currently Reading:

What a time of optimism the 60s was.
Currently listening to:

Remember the Tinman by Tracy Chapman

"Remember The Tinman"

There are locks on the doors
And chains stretched across all the entries to the inside
There's a gate and a fence
And bars to protect from only God knows what lurks outside

Who stole your heart left you with a space
That no one and nothing can fill
Who stole your heart who took it away
Knowing that without it you can't live

Who took away the part so essential to the whole
Left you a hollow body
Skin and bone
What robber what thief who stole your heart and the key

Who stole your heart
The smile from your face
The innocence the light from your eyes
Who stole your heart or did you give it away
And if so then when and why

Who took away the part so essential to the whole
Left you a hollow body
Skin and bone
What robber what thief
Who stole your heart and the key

Now all sentiment is gone
Now you have no trust in no one

Who stole your heart
Did you know but forget the method and moment in time
Was it a trickster using mirrors and sleight of hand
A strong elixir or a potion that you drank

Who hurt your heart
Bruised it in a place
That no one and nothing can heal
You've gone to wizards, princes and magic men
You've gone to witches, the good the bad the indifferent

But still all sentiment is gone
But still you have no trust in no one

If you can tear down the walls
Throw your armor away remove all roadblocks barricades
If you can forget there are bandits and dragons to slay
And don't forget that you defend an empty space

And remember the tinman
Found he had what he thought he lacked
Remember the tinman
Go find your hear and take it back

Who stole your heart
Maybe no one can say
One day you will find it I pray

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