Monday 14 July 2014

Perfect Perch.

Last night's dinner:


Drumming practice update:

Decided to cycle around the beach area of Vieux Boucau this morning looking for a possible early morning drumming perch; and I found one:

a) close to the ocean;
b) looking out to sea;
c) not too obvious;
d) concrete or wooden base for stool;
e) no chance of disturbing anyone;
f) near to apartment.

Nevertheless, despite meeting criterion e), I took the drum pad rather than the drum.

The sun was out early.

Found this cafe terrace - well before opening time.

Used one of the chairs rather than my stool.

The pad.

View from the pad - spectacular.
And, I continued with my policy of drumming to a variety of music on the earphones. The whole experience felt profitable.

Morning Mass at St Clement's Vieux Boucau:

Currently reading:

Still thoroughly enjoying this book; in fact, I can't put it down.

I especially like the bits where Keith Richards' antics are reported upon, very funny.

What was encouraging was Jo Wood's saying that when Keith Richards was learning a new song to cover for his solo work, he would listen to it for hour after hour and day after day for months, practising the intonations again and again.

Once again, one notes the necessity for practice, practice, practice when tackling any musical enterprise.

Currently listening to: 

Last Sunday's edition of Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer with the well known actress Anne Reid.

Moderately interesting.
Some scenes from Vieux Boucau today:

This pair were pretty good.

View from the apartment.

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