Tuesday 30 September 2014

One more step along the world I go

One more step along the world I go:

I really like the words to most popular hymns, but actually, this one leaves me cold - lyrically and melodically.

Nevertheless, it sums up my attitude to building the HO scale card model.

Glued together 2 sections of the roof - clearly, the angle of the chimney stack is wrong and will have to be re-done.

The end result.
Currently listening to:

This CD really has stood the test of time.
Last night's dinner:

Tried this cheapo Cassis from Lidl to concoct my Kir Cassis - very, very thin.

Smoked haddock, broccoli and mushrooms in cheese sauce.
Still reading:

Just started 1993!!!
Drumming practice update:

Found this really funny clip of a marching band in a Woody Allen film on youTube. Actually, I found the left hand technique of the street drummers - about 3 mins 55 seconds into the clip - really enlightening.


Samba class tonight - actually looking forward to it.

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