Thursday 13 November 2014

A pre-task.

Mentally prepared myself for the wiring of these 6 streetlights. Printed out a copy of the wiring plan and looked out some suitable wire.

Actually, the wire was not suitable. I think that multi-strand wire would be better than single strand wire in this situation - so I'll have to order some.

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Last night's dinner:

Turbot, scallops and aubergine in a honey and mustard sauce
The consensus was that honey is of the wrong texture to have with fish. The mustard is fine, but not the cloying honey. Would have been OK with chicken's more robust flesh.

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Drumming practice update:

Spent an hour practising with my fellow Caixa player from the Saturday morning class.

A Caixa


  1. When you said prepared yourself for wiring with suitable wire (I honestly read it as wine) maybe it would have helped.

    1. Think I'll stick to tea for an accompaniment.