Monday 17 November 2014

Back on an even keel.

Rectified the stupidity of yesterday re wiring up the row of 6 streetlights that will stand in front of my Gare du Nord.

Protruding beneath baseboard ready to be connected to a 12 volt power source.

The pavement sections in position (temporarily)

2 lamps ready to be installed.
Currently listening to:

Have just discovered several podcasts by Optimo that were broadcast on Rinse FM last year and which are no longer available for download. But they can be accessed on the excellent Optimo podcast website.

Last night's dinner:

Liver and beans.
Currently reading:

Excellent - glad I downloaded it to my Kindle.

Drumming practice:

I was horrified to see from some recent videos of our Samba band playing just how wrist-dependent my playing is - actually, limp-wristed would be a better description. Also how sickly a smile I have when forced to look as if I am enjoying myself. No smiling in future!!!!!

So, I have spent the day radically changing my drumming action to exaggerated arm movements in the hope that come the next public practice session ie tomorrow evening, I won't look as if I've come dressed up as Kenneth Williams.


Have had an unusually heavy work load over the last month and my Logic studies have been ignored. Things are now on a more even keel and so this morning I spent some time  re-familiarising myself with the online course I'm studying.

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