Thursday 20 November 2014

From little acorns ......

Completed a teeny task necessary for the installation of the streetlights in front of the Gare du Nord, namely, soldering together the sections of wire whose joints form the connection points for the fine wires from the lights themselves.

The spatula protects the plastic insulation of the other wire from melting.
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General Ludd - love the work of this duo.
Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take photograph but it was quite a spread from my niece's kitchen as she prepares to move house.

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Drumming practice update:

Nothing for it but to keep practising. I was encouraged by a drummer who referred to his "years of tedious practice". At least, strictly speaking, I'm still at the "months of ........." stage.

Toying with the idea of wearing gloves at our parade on the weekend - Scottish weather after all.

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