Sunday 16 November 2014

When all else fails, read the instructions:

Just wasted 35 minutes cutting up wire into 12 sections whereas, if I'd read my own instructions, I could have saved time and done a better job by cutting the wire into six sections.UNBELIEVABLE.

Basically, a row of 6 street lights (of which you see 2 below) is to be wired up according to the wiring diagrams underneath the photo.

The two supply wires (red and blue) will run along the trough between the two strips of wood and then feeder wires from the lamps will connect with them - as in the bottom diagram.

So, I went ahead and cut up lengths of wire so that naked sections of wire would line up with each streetlight.

Definitely lined up with the little slot next to each streetlight.

The masking tape is simply to keep the wires straight - the wires will run between the strips of wood.
BUT, if you look at the diagram, the red wire only connects with half of the streetlights ie with three;
and likewise the black wire (black equals blue).

There are advantages to only cutting each wire into three sections rather than six; so I'll just have to do it again.

Should have read my own instructions before I started.

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BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs with guest, the poet John Agard - who I'd never heard of, although his work is on the National Curriculum in England and Wales.

John Agard

Bridge Builder

Bridge-builder I am
 between the holy and the damned
 between the bitter and the sweet
 between the chaff and the wheat

Bridge-builder I am
 between the goat and the lamb
 between the sermon and the sin
 between the princess and Rumpelstiltskin

Bridge-builder I am
 between the yoni and the lingam
 between the darkness and the light
 between the left hand and the right

Bridge-builder I am
 between the storm and the calm
 between the nightmare and the sleeper
 between the cradle and the Reaper

Bridge-builder I am
 between the hex and the hexagram
 between the chalice and the cauldron
 between the gospel and the Gorgon

Bridge-builder I am
 between the serpent and the wand
 between the hunter and the hare
 between the curse and the prayer

Bridge-builder I am
 between the hanger and the hanged
 between the water and the wine
 between the pearls and the swine

Bridge-builder I am
 between the beast and the human
 for who can stop the dance
 of eternal balance?

- See more at:

One of the most enjoyable episodes of this programme in a very long time.

On the whole, I can't stand poetry, but John Agard's stuff might be worth looking into.

Last night's dinner:

Excellent chicken and chips take-away from this establishment.

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Bit the bullet and paid for a full download of this book for my Kindle. The sample was a good read.

As he is now.

And 30 years ago in the Communards.
Drumming practice update:

Feel I've made no progress at all with this drumming lark.

Is this a possible state of affairs?


  1. Don't despair, I actually was going to make a ridiculous poetic reply in desperation to lift your spirits but having read your blog today and your comments I couldn't stop laughing, so don't despair just keep the humour there!

  2. We'll hear the poem on Wednesday evening!