Sunday 9 November 2014

"Model Train Collector"

Here's the link to an interesting and informative blog about model trains.

"Model Train Collector" 

Here's a sample page.

Manufacturer: Bassett Lowke
Mfg Code:
Type: Steam Locomotive
Scale: O
Designation: British Railways 60103
Circa: 1951
Colour: Blue
Description: The ‘Scotsman’ followed the Royal Scot as the most successful mass produced ‘scale’ model for the toy market priced at £4.50 in 1937. It was still in production in 1956 as the only scale tinplate express engine made in England, price £14.00. This B.R. experimental Blue version had a very short production run. 

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Drumming practice update:

Our tutor emailed everyone in the Saturday morning Samba drumming class a video of us playing yesterday.

Sounds OK, but I was shocked at how little I move my arms and indeed how statue-like I am.

I'll have to work on these deficits.

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