Tuesday 25 November 2014

HO scale models of French buses.

For some time now I have had on the back burner the requisitioning of some buses to line up in front of the Gare du Nord.

The buses would have to be in the green and white livery of the Chausson.

There is an HO scale model available.

When I searched eBay etc the other night, I couldn't find any models ........ until I came across a pair of buses that were unboxed and in a bedraggled state. For 3 euros plus postage and packaging from France I decided to bid for them on eBay and got them for that price.

I'll have to paint them but for 3 euros they're a bargain.

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Haven't listened to this for ages!
Last night's dinner:

Chicken curry at Glasgow's Shenaz Restaurant

Today's lunch:

Trio of Fish at Kirkintilloch's Caulder's Garden Centre
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Fascinating insight into the UK's many Gay communities: the author seems to have mixed with them all.

Drumming practice update:

Back to basics:

Using the drum pad I spent an hour this morning getting into the habit of lifting the left arm with the stick remaining in complete contact with the left hand until at say 45 degrees of arm lift, when it flies up and away from the hand.

Hitherto, and despite knowing better, I've allowed the stick to leave the left hand immediately the arm moves upwards.

Tried to capture the right sequence of events in these photos.

Stick firmly in contact with hand

The arm lifts but contact is maintained

Higher and still full contact

Still contact

Stick begins to leave hand

Then suddenly the stick is pointing upwards ready for its downward plummet towards the drum.

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