Friday 14 November 2014

Lidl's French wines

No time for railway today.

Recently we have been buying our wine (French) from Lidl's.

Typical Lidl's store.

The branch at Soustons in the Landes region of France which we often cycled past last summer.
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Gabriel Faure looks awfully like a neighbour we used to have.
Last night's dinner:


In a red wine casserole
Recipe from this book.
With boiled rice and some leftover turnip

An excellent wine from Lidl's
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There is a line from the Jo Brand memoir that I have recently finished which I can't get out of my head.

She is recounting a short stay in a big dark inner city hospital in London where she was being treated for an extreme allergic reaction which had closed up her eyes.

"By this time I couldn't see a bloody thing and soon found myself in a ward of elderly ladies. The poor old woman opposite me just kept shouting, "Please, someone kill me!" Apparently, she couldn't see either and was in the last stages of cancer."

Drumming practice update:

Still trying to get rid of an unwanted accent when playing a particular (and quite simple) drum pattern.

It should be:

lower case: soft;  upper case: loud

R l r L r l R l R l r L r l R l R l r L r l R l R l r L r l R l

But I keep playing:

R l R L r l R l R l R L r l R l R l R L r l R l R l R L r l R l

It's infuriating.

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