Wednesday 19 November 2014

An early Christmas present.

A note through the door from the postman this morning asking me to visit the post office and pay £19.11 in Customs Duty for the locomotive that I purchased on eBay from a chap in Canada.

A bit of a shock but I think it's worth it.

It weighs pleasingly and reassuringly heavy.

I am going to trust that the contents are in one piece and not open it until Christmas Day.

The HO scale JEP locomotive inside will look a bit  like the model in the photograph below (slightly different version).

The real thing.
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Last night's dinner:

Spaghetti sprinkled with Parmesan

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Seems to be a fairly honest account.
Drumming practice update:

Very enjoyable and thus successful (or should that be the other way round) Samba drumming class last night.

Spent an hour today continuing to indoctrinate my body into getting the sticks to travel by swinging the forearms rather than the wrists.

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