Wednesday 26 November 2014

Using a workbench - kind of................

Super-glued the 6 streetlights to the wooden plinth/pavement and then soldered the wires necessary for each of the three pairs to be connected in series.

This involved my using a workbench - as a support.

Waiting for super glue to set.

Ready to turn the row of lights on its head

So that the wires underneath can be soldered.

Connecting a pair of lights in series

In position - ready to be connected to the black and red power cables.

The view from under the baseboard.
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Mike Dehnert
Last night's dinner:

Cold chicken leg plus tomatoes plus Kindle
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Having taken a degree in Theology and converted to Roman Catholicism, Richard Coles'  tale has reached the point where he reverts to Anglicanism; a denomination more sympathetic to his being Gay.

Drumming practice update:

Hopeless session at the Samba class last night - felt like giving up.

But today, back to basics (even more basic basics) and most enjoyably simply played hand to hand for an hour: LR LR LR LR etc. to music as opposed to a metronome. Surely one day it will all become second nature.


Reached the next stage in my online Logic course - deriving proofs.

Didn't understand a single word of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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