Sunday 30 November 2014

One little screw.

Decided to affix the wooden strips ie pavements which run along the front of the Gare du Nord with a few screws. I didn't want to use anything as irreversible as glue.

Unfortunately, I could  find only one suitably small screw in the whole house - unbelievable!

As a matter of fact, for the strip nearest the station facade, one screw will probably be sufficient - in fact, the fewer screws the better. But, the other strip will need a few more because of the wiring that runs beneath it and which destabilises the strip.

The little screw.
Currently listening to:

William Croft "Burial Service"

And then:

"Level Green" by Hefner

Last night's dinner:

John Dorey, courgettes in Apricot Tagine, plus rice.
Currently thinking about reading:

I want to read this much vaunted book but should I download it or wait ages and get it from the library?????

Drumming practice update:

After yesterday's enjoyable escapades, it was back to basic monotonous practice today.

Interesting conversation with my next door neighbour who is a professional orchestral musician.

I said that it must be very satisfying for her to give such pleasure to an audience.

She said that that pleasure was hugely diminished as you grew older and realised that you were losing your physical powers. Increasingly, she was becoming aware of how unsatisfying her performances were to her ears.

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