Monday 3 November 2014

Wiring lighting continued.

Checked that the trial pair of street lights actually worked.

9 volt battery supply

Next step - the entire row of six lights.

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Guess what!
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Drumming practice update:

Spent an hour practising a well-known drumming routine. My intention was to smooth out the contribution my left hand makes when making an accented note. At the moment my right hand contributes as follows:

UPPER CASE = Accent        lower case = ghost note

Rlrl  Rlrl  Rlrl  Rlrl

But there is always a slight delay before my left hand contributes an accented beat.

r..Lrl  r..Lrl  r..Lrl  r..Lrl

Back to the smooth operating right hand:

rlRl  rlRl  rlRl  rlRl

Finishing off with the hopeless left hand:

rlr..L  rlr..L  rlr..L  rlr..L

Then back to the beginning of the cycle with   Rlrl.

Surprisingly, when I entered "drumming practice routines for left hand' into Google Images, this photograph appeared: