Monday 24 November 2014

A teeny bit of wiring.

Began the process of wiring up the row of 6 streetlights that will stand in front of the Gare du Nord.

Treating the row as 3 pairs with each pair wired in series with its partner and the the three pairs then wired in parallel - see wiring diagrams below - I connected each pair with its partner in preparation for soldering the connections tomorrow (I hope).

I tackled the three little lime green connections today.

Currently listening to:

"Beat That" - an amazing all women Samba band from Stirling.
Query: in this day and age, are any organisations allowed to be single-gender in their membership???
Last night's dinner:

Sword Fish, cous cous and courgettes
Currently reading:

Drumming practice update:

Determined to keep going back to basics and get those basics right. At the moment that means repetitious routines of hand-to-hand drumming - left right, left right, left right etc - ensuring that each stroke has the same loudness, that the sticks always rise to the same height and that the interval between the strokes is constant.


Cycled along the Forth and Clyde canal this afternoon to collect some paperwork from a client.

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