Wednesday 12 November 2014

Another small task done.

Cut 6 little slots along the edge of the strip of wood onto which the street lights will be installed. Wiring will pass through the slots.

2 of the lights in position.
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Last night's dinner:

It's not often that I burn something I'm cooking.

Scraped off the black stuff.

Pork pie with mashed potato
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Finished at last - very entertaining.
Drumming practice update:

Fantastic session at the Samba class last night. The group is really beginning to gel and I feel that I'm beginning to establish my place within it.

Today, back to practice, practice, practice.

An hour (in four 15 minute bursts) of LR, LR, LR, LR, LR, LR, LR, LR.

The more I carry out this routine, the more I can hear little disparities or hiccups in what, hitherto, I had always imagined to be an easy exercise that I had definitely mastered.

Far from depressing me, that realisation stimulates me to further practice and a thirst for total mastery of the basics.

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