Saturday 8 November 2014

Drumming progress

Drilled 4 holes in a row in front of the station facade as part of the procedure for installing the street lights.

Two lights in position.

It's all I had time to do.

Currently listening to:

Had a lot of work to do this afternoon so got through it by playing a marathon session of electronic music, featuring mainly:

Auntie Flo

General Ludd

Golden Teacher

Dissolving Dancefloor

Aphex Twin
Last night's dinner:

Take-away chicken curry from the Shenaz restaurant, Glasgow.

Currently reading:

Just finished this sample on my Kindle - and it's excellent. But I baulk at paying the download price to read the rest of it. Perhaps I'll borrow it from my local library.

Drumming practice update:

Everyone agreed at this morning's Samba drumming class that this was our best ever session - it really sounded good.

And, someone who had not attended for several weeks because of work commitments said (I think sincerely) that my drumming had improved hugely. My first ever compliment.

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