Saturday 15 November 2014

A tiny little sub-task completed

Only had a few minutes for railway today, but every minute counts. So, I searched through my shoe box of wires and wire connectors and found what I thought I didn't have: two lengths of multi-stranded wire.

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A pulsating 90 minute mix from Optimo at Fabriclive in 2012.

Available for free at this link:

Last night's dinner:

Supermarket chicken curry
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The following free samples on my Kindle:

Not keen on actually buying any of them but will search local library this week.

Drumming practice update:

Felt I performed weakly at today's Saturday morning Samba class. We've got a big parade coming up next week so I better get my act together.

I always seem to perform better when practising at home in the privacy of my own room.

Must conquer that deficiency.


Earlier this evening we saw a fantastic amateur drama group perform Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" - the female version, at the Kilmardinny Arts Centre in Bearsden near Glasgow.

A friend of mine was playing the part of a Spaniard - truly hilarious.

The venue

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