Thursday 6 November 2014

Pin vice drill

Moving from the trial lighting cradle to the final version.

The trial version

The trial version illuminated.
The first thing to do was to drill 6 pilot holes through the full-length strip of wood that will run in front of the station facade.

A really convenient tool for drilling small holes is a pin vice drill, which one operates by rotating with one's hand.

Two lights in place

Another 4 to go.
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Elvis Costello (appearing in the Larry Sanders Show)
Last night's dinner:

Fish stew - using fish stock from the fishmonger

Tuna, Swordfish, Monkfish, Salmon, peppers, leeks and potatoes
Currently reading:

The latest edition of "Africa" magazine which reports on missionary work in Africa and South America

Drumming practice update:

Really gone back to basics, audio recording my every step, determined to even out my left and right hand strokes.

I would like access to this kind of  monitor.

For information only.

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