Thursday 12 April 2012

Anorak Quiz

Here is a quiz - answers at the bottom of the page.

Below are photographs of different interest groups. See if you can match them with the following search categories as entered into Google.

Chinese model railway enthusiasts.

Members of a yacht club.

Scottish model railway enthusiasts.

Members of a wine society.

Normal people.

Members of Ferrari owners club.

French model railway enthusiasts.

Colombian drug gang.








iTunes Analysis:

Every  so often, I look at the iTunes statistics of what I have been listening to most frequently. It almost never corresponds with what I think I have been most listening to.

Today I looked at the top 10 electronic artists listened to on my laptop (iPod listening is not registered.)

Royksopp   147 plays (that really surprises me)
Hot Chip   73;  Aphex Twin  55;  Super Discount (1) 39: Miss Kitten 30; Mission into Drums 30; DJ Cam 17 (thought he would be much higher); Macrodelia 14: Venetian Snares (he's a strange chap) 14 and Human League 14.

Actually, I don't own a Human League record. That last item refers to their song "Being Boiled" which is on an electronic sampler. Hardly ever remembering listening to it, let alone playing it 14 times! But these statistics do not lie.

Answers to quiz:

Chinese model railway enthusiasts.  8

Members of a yacht club.   3

Scottish model railway enthusiasts.  7

Members of a wine society.   6

Normal people.   1

Members of Ferrari owners club.  4

French model railway enthusiasts.   2

Colombian drug gang.   5

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