Monday 23 April 2012

The Grateful Dead

The cork underlay is now in place and the track placed loosely upon it.

Those platforms were cut to size for me by a multi-talented chap that I work alongside. He's even grooved the edges so that there is an over-hang. Thanks, Frank.

The Grateful Dead:

Surely one of the great names for a rock band.

And, surely one of the great covers for a double album was this one for their 1969 live album "Live Dead".



Was never a fanatical fan of the Grateful Dead, but this is a fine album and definitely captures the atmosphere of a live performance.

Standout track for me: "Death Don't Have No Mercy" which is not some ghastly heavy metal anthem but, rather, a rendition of a traditional blues song - possibly even older than the blues. Not sure of its exact origins.

Can't play vinyl any more (at least not in a trouble-free fashion) so downloaded the album from iTunes for a very reasonable £4.99.

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