Thursday 5 April 2012

Fourgon Weathering

"Fourgon" is French for baggage car.

Here's my model by Jouef.

And, under a bright light.

Does it look like just a plastic toy or like the real thing?

Take a look at this picture downloaded from the web.

At first, I thought this was the real thing - but closer inspection convinces me that it is the same model by Jouef  as mine.

I couldn't find a photograph of the real thing. Lots of similar fourgons eg

The more I look at images of model and actual fourgons the less I'm able to tell the difference between what is real and what is a simulation in plastic.

Take a look at this photograph of an HO scale model of an American waggon. It has been skillfully weathered.

The problem with attempting to weather a model train is that it will be easy to make a hash of things and irreversibly destroy its appearance.

Will have to think about this whole issue of simulation and what I'm aiming for in that department.

Missy Elliott:

Da Real World

Played this album through twice last night from beginning to end - gave me an enormous amount of pleasure.

Anyway, tonight, off to hear Shostakovich's 5th at the City Halls, Glasgow.

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