Sunday 8 April 2012

How much does it all cost?

How much does an HO scale model railway cost?

Ignoring infra-structural items like baseboards; tools; wiring etc, here are some of the key elements and their approximate prices.

Locomotives cost between £250 and £350 - but DCC equipped models cost more. By that I mean locos that come with a DCC chip already wired up.

Carriages cost approx £35 each.

A set of PEKO points costs approx £11.

A metre length of PEKO flexitrack costs approx £3.

The Prodigy DCC control/power unit costs approx £275

South Pacific

Considering going to see South Pacific in Edinburgh. Always liked these old musicals. Decades ago on a Wednesday evening, BBC2 had a slot called "The Hollywood Musical" - was compulsive viewing for me.

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