Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rory Gallagher

Some examples of the French car: Panhard

HO scale Panhard


Favourite Guitarists:

Almost certainly not  technically the most brilliant, but ones I like listening to and indeed watching on video.

1. Rory Gallagher – creative and melodic like Johnny Marr but also had a fantastic voice too and a driving, exciting beat. Fantastic live performer.

2. Johnny Marr – see above.

3. T S McPhee – of the Groundhogs

4. Peter Green – divine

5. Eric Clapton in his John Mayall days

6. B B King – great live.

7. Garry Moore when with Skid Row.

8. Pete Townshend – probably the best visually and musically.

9. Wilko Johnson – the best strutter – see pictures.

10. Keith Richards

11. P J Harvey – seductive.

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