Sunday 29 April 2012

Larry Sanders

I don't see me ever being allowed to have a layout in the front room like this French chap.

Favourite Comedians:

1. Gary Shandling in his role as the spoof US chat show host, Larry Sanders.

2. Woody Allen

3. David Mitchell in Peep Show

Joint 3rd. "Alan Partridge"

4. Vic Reeves in his early days. We saw the Vic Reeves Show live at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow. Excellent.

5. Peter Cook

6. Bob Newhart - in that strange sitcom he did set in a Vermont guest house.

7. Original Reggie Perrin

8. Everyone Loves Raymond - sounds awful but I think it's hilarious.

9. Tony Hancock - especially in "The Rebel".

10. Frazier

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