Monday 16 April 2012

Still daunted after all these years.

Drove passed the construction work for the new Hydro Arena in Glasgow and for the umpteenth time marvelled at how all its parts - bricks, concrete, cables, cranes, scaffolding, lighting, lorries, trucks, portacabins, navvies, catering staff, pipes, girders etc etc - fit together and in the right sequence. The project management of civil engineering projects must be one of man's greatest achievements.

And I'm daunted by having to sort out a few pieces of track, some points, points motors and cabling!

On the other hand, look at the number of people working on the Hydro!

And for those in Latvia or Serbia who don't know what I'm talking about, here is an artist's impression of the finished arena.

Anyway, must press on. Perhaps it would help if I wore a fluorescent jacket when working on the railway.

Paul Simon:

The following guests chose a Paul Simon record when on BBC's Desert Island Discs.

Derek Walcott

James Corden

Rob Brydon

Richard Madeley

David King     Chief Scientific Adviser, Chemist

Ann Leslie

Sue Johnston

Martin Bell

Richard Curtis

Alan Bleasdale

Rowan Atkinson who chose - Still Crazy After All These Years

 Anna Ford

Peggy Seeger

Glenys Kinnock

Douglas Adams

Antony Sher

Elaine Paige

Terry Jones
Jonathan Lynn

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