Monday 9 April 2012

Scriabin vs Scriabin

Next step:

The next step in this project is an exceedingly depressing one.

One of the downsides of using Tortoise points motors is that they protrude beneath the baseboard and (presumably) are sensitive to being knocked about. There must be space/clearance underneath the baseboard or the points motors could be knocked about.

Now look at this photograph (taken today) of  my baseboard, paying particular attention to the area beneath the board.

This area will have to be cleared - but where does all that junk go?

You may recall that a couple of months ago I'd hinged the baseboard so that one could install the points motors underneath it without having to crawl on the old hands and knees. But a couple of months ago, there was no junk in that area.

Presumably, all hobbyists have this problem of space in a domestic setting.

Will have to find another area to shift junk to - robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Scriabin vs Scriabin

Listened to an excellent review programme on Radio 3 last Saturday morning with Andrew McGregor and Stephen Plaistow.

In the course of reviewing Olli Mustonen's new CD of Scriabin piano pieces, there was, I felt, a mild disagreement between them with McGregor considering Mustonen's playing a touch brittle. McGregor compared Mustonen's interpretation of Scriabin with that of Yevgeny Sudbin's. Sudbin, he felt brought out the spirituality of Scriabin's music. Plaistow agreed that Sudbin did do that but opined that Mustonen did so also.

Anway, downloaded Sudbin today to see if I could detect the difference in approach.

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