Sunday 1 April 2012

Radio 1 Extra - in praise of.

A milestone:

A milestone was reached today. Fitted the body back onto my DCC equipped loco and had it pull a carriage under DCC control back and fore along my test-track: very satisfying.

It was a bit of a bugger fitting the chip under the loco's body.

But managed to carve away some of the plastic inside the body - and also severed unused wires coming from the chip - and got things to fit.

And here is the final result.

I'll have to fix that tree.

The Demise of Radio 1:

I pretty much gave up on Radio 1 about 10 years ago - for one reason only. The music I could tolerate, but there was simply far too much speech. Take Sara Cox - someone with what I consider to be good taste in music and a good turn of phrase - it was as if she was under instruction to speak for 7 or 8 minutes between each record: unbearable.

BBC 6 Radio, I find too pompous/pleased with itself/worthy and it plays far too much guitar based pop music. Some of the guest presenters are excellent, mind you.

However, yesterday - and I can't remember why - I tuned in to BBC Radio 1 Extra. Fantastic music and very little speech.

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