Tuesday 17 April 2012

Tonight's the Night

The ceramics class resumes tonight and my pride and joy will have been in the kiln and now awaiting inspection.

Reminder of the pride and joy:

There are several possible sights awaiting me.

Worst case scenario: smashed to smithereens either having exploded in the kiln or been knocked off a shelf by a student in the interim.

Best case: in mint condition and awaiting the addition of various glazes (ie colours).

Most likely scenario: cracked and broken into 4 or 5 pieces but repairable by the clever lecturer, Pauline.

Also awaiting this smaller piece to emerge with a glossy glaze:

Will report tomorrow.

Radio 1 Extra:

As far as I can see, dubstep is in some way a descendant of drum 'n ' bass and probably reggae.

Drum 'n' bass is what you hear at traffic lights emanating from those souped-up cars and the usual comment emanating from an in any way tolerant passer-by is something like "It's just a thumping noise - what can anyone possibly enjoy about that."

I have to say, I'm in that camp too.

However, one of the great features of Radio 1 Extra is they have these 30 minute iPlayer mixes of dubstep, hip hop, drum 'n' bass and other dance hall related genres. WITH NO STUPID DJ SPEECH OF ANY KIND. So basically one can get a blast of uninterrupted thumping aurally delivered adrenaline whenever one feels like it.

And I have just felt like it and imbibed a long and large shot of drum 'n' bass.

Comment: hypnotic and energising.


  1. Thumping headache more like it! - Do hope all is well with the masterpiece and your not too disappointed.

  2. A thumping headache would be the result of listening to this type of noise. Hope the masterpiece when revealed proves to have no imperfections.