Friday 14 June 2013


Yesterday evening, after crossing the Gironde from Lamarque on the very lazy ferry, we arrived in Blaye and stayed the night in a typical French provincial hotel. Very clean, very courteous, very charming and pretty cheap for dinner, bed and breakfast.

The ferry coming in to Lamarque

Leaving the jetty at Lamarque

Crossing the Gironde

Small hotel in Blaye
Where a truly wonderful meal was on offer in very pretty surroundings.

Aperatif of Kir with a plate of  little appetisers

Confit du canard, chips and lettuce

Best creme brulee I've had in years

White coffee
Cost per head including drinks: £32.00

Today we motored (pretentious word for drove) up the east bank of the Gironde and arrived on spec at a campsite near St Georges de Didonne where we will stay for the next 7 days. It's right at the beach and you can hear the waves at all times and indeed see a glimpse of the sea from our cabin veranda.

En route up the east bank of the Gironde..

Railway linked feature:

Disused tracks at Blaye
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Listened to French commercial radio stations in the car all the way up the side of the Gironde and lost count of how often this track was played.

Get Lucky by Daft Punk

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Was prepared to be disappointed by this autobiography because the reviews were so unanimously excellent.

In fact, it's dynamite!

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