Friday 21 June 2013

Two Receptionists

Last day in this camp site so indulged myself in one of my favourite holiday activities: going to the launderette.

In a camp site, the routine, usually, is that one dumps the clothes in the usually very big washing machine, works out the coinage and soap powder procedures and then returns in approx 45 minutes. On return, one transfers the heap of washed clothes to a really big tumble drier (hoping that the clothes won't get singed or shrunk by choosing the max heat setting - but experience has taught me that lower settings leave the clothes slightly damp, even after 45 minutes.)

And, that's the routine at this camp site.

A few issues needed to be resolved though.

1) The packet holding the two soap tablets (already purchased from the camp supermarket - liquids are not allowed for some reason) has a little diagram on it showing both tablets going into the machine. But I learned years ago about the dangers of putting too much soap into a washing machine therefore I go to the reception to ascertain whether it's 1 or 2 tablets.

Now, there are two receptionists at this camp site: one is friendly, helpful, goes the extra mile, chats away and smiles; the other also smiles but it is an icy smile. Unfortunately, it is the icy one who is on duty.

The icy one always raises her eyes to the ceiling when I approach her with a query and as I appoach her this time holding before me the so far unopened packet of soap tablets, her eyes are raised once more.


"Do you put one or two tablets in the .........."


2) Back to the machine room. But where do you put the damn tablets. There is a dispenser but the tablet does not sit comfortably in any of its compartments. Perhaps you chuck it in with the clothes. This will have to be established.

Back to reception and more eye raising.

"Sorry, me again, do you put the tablets in the dispenser or in ..........................."

"With the clothes."

3) Next instruction on the wall is: Insert token in machine. Token????? I thought it was coins.
Where do you get a damn token from: "Tokens available from Reception." Damn.

This time a rather sickly smile replaces the eye raising.

"Sorry. I'll need to get some tokens."

And so on.

However, the machines worked a treat.

Currently listening to:

Robert Hood: Minimal Nation

Last night's dinner:

A superb Galette Complete ie buckwheat pancake with fried egg, ham and mushrooms, at the camp site restaurant.

Cost per head including beers: £12.50.

About to start reading:

Born in 1944 and still alive, Andrew Loog Oldham, erstwhile manager of the Rolling Stones (so what!) has written, with the help of others, 3 autobiographies. This is No 2: I have a gut feeling that this is going to be utter tosh.


  1. hi uncle tony I read about your laundry experience very funny enjoy your holiday j.w [<:

  2. Both receptionists in our new location seem very nice!