Wednesday 26 June 2013

Contingency continues to baffle.

Visited a different cafe this morning. More of a shack on the street, actually. Very busy and smokey and French. But two British folk arrived and parked their Brompton folding cycles like so:

I wish these British folk would go back to their own country; they're not wanted here.

Anyway, I proceeded to read a chapter in my text book entitled: "Avatars of Contingency: Suares and Sartre." Surely here there'll be a definitive statement of the meaning of "contingency". But, unfortunately there wasn't: just the usual contrast with "necessity". For me, that is not the definitive contrast. "A posteriori" is usually contrasted with "necessity". But Sartre's use of "contingency" seems to have little to do with the concept of "a posteriori".

As far as I can see, "contingency" is used to refer to the fact that the world is simply there; ie it does not have a reason for being there. But why use the word "contingency" to refer to that fact? Aaaaaarrrghhh!

A pain aux raisins and a cafe creme helping me in my struggle with contingency
On the way back bought some unusual terrine from a stallholder at the market - something to do with the "tete".
Today's lunch
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Jack Bruce's 1971 album "Harmony Row." This is a great album.
Last night's dinner:

The first unsuccessful meal of this holiday: chicken and chips at the camp cafe (not restaurant) presented in a disposable cardboard dish with plastic cutlery. Weighed heavily in my stomach during and afterwards. And, you had to order it at least 8 hours in advance.

Cost per head including Stella Artois: £7.25

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That Rupert Everett memoir - continues to amuse and shock and inform (the latter re what happens behind the scenes in the theatre.)

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