Saturday 22 June 2013

Schubert's Moments Musicaux No 2

Struck lucky with this stop-gap hotel for 2 nights on Ile d'Oleron. Only 2 stars but has superb restaurant and rooms are cheap with view over the ocean towards the viaduct which connects the island to the mainland. Immediately beneath our window is the local village football ground complete with massive floodlights and mini-grandstand. Beyond that lie the oyster beds.

Also, it has a fantastic wi-fi connection.

Room with a view.
Drove up the island to La Cotiniere for morning coffee ritual.

The harbour at La Cotiniere through the window.
Currently listening to:

Radu Lupu playing Schubert's 2nd Moments Musicaux.

I've heard this short piano masterpiece dozens of times by almost a dozen different pianists and my enjoyment never diminishes.

Into less than 10 minutes, Schubert packs the equivalent of a symphony/opera/concerto. It would definitely be one of my picks for Desert Island Discs.

Radu Lupu in 1972
More recently
Last night's dinner:

Kir cassis and liitle mini-starters

Believe it or not -  foie gras creme brulee

Skate and veg in a pot
Cost per head: approx £25
Currently reading:
It's a bit frenetic, but the Loog Oldham memoir is proving just about acceptable. The text book on La Nausee veers between the ludicrous (for reasons I cannot, at present, detail) and the thought-provoking.

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