Sunday 2 June 2013

Minor aesthetic adjustment to collage

There was something irritating me about yesterday's rooftop collage.

So I adjusted it.

Can you spot the difference - I don't mean the little black lines along the edges?

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This afternoon, while waiting for a bus which never actually came, a car pulled up and blasting from its audio system was Missy Elliot's "Get ur freak on". What a great and timeless record that is.

I was on my way to see a French film at the cinema. It evoked brilliantly the late 1960s in Europe. (Had to resort to a taxi, but the driver was a very interesting chap.)

Great soundtrack eg

The film was very slow but did successfully raise the issue of whether one should sacrifice one's individual aims for taking political action . Made me think.

Last night's dinner:

Sea trout carrots and potatoes
 Cost per head: £8.25

This gives a daily average this week of £5.39

And the averages chart over the last few months looks like this:

And an overall average cost per meal since my records began a few months ago of £5.85 per meal.

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