Tuesday 11 June 2013

Painting HO Scale Model Railway Scenery - continued

Painted first coat of the sky with blue glitter paint.

 I thought that the first coat was too light so not only gave a second coat but also mixed some darker purple glitter paint in a 50:50 ratio with another bottle of the original blue paint.

Also, carried out the painting on the floor because the glitter paint had a tendency to run.

It's still not as "black" as I would like.

Currently listening to:

Know very little about Baby Ford except that it is an alias for Peter Ford who is British and has been making electronic music since the 90s.

Very, very good in my opinion.

Last night's dinner:

Fillet of sea bream out of freezer, grilled tomatoes and artichokes with sprinkling of Parmesan and rice.

Cost per head: £5.00

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Nothing today.

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