Sunday 9 June 2013

HO Model Railway Scenery - backdrop

Very excited about doing the backdrop for the layout - a Parisian scene based on Marc Chagall paintings.

Except, I'm painting mine in fluorescent pink and glittery dark blue.

The idea for this use of fluorescent pink came when I was sunbathing in the back garden and on the insides of my eyelids I saw these pink shapes on a blue back ground.

Sometimes, in the past, when I have been standing in the midst of a city - especially early evening, I have had the feeling that the city is aglow.

So, I want to re-create that feeling.

Using wallpaper (lining paper), I sketched out the basic design.

The wall to be covered.

Cut-price lining paper

Currently listening to:

P J Proby

His rendition of "Somewhere" still makes me cry. Sheer hyperbole.

Last night's dinner:

Lamb stew, potatoes and carrots
Cost per head: £4.25

Average for the week: £5.24 per night.

Average for past 4 months or so : £5.81 per night.

Just finished reading:

I thoroughly recommend this book.

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